A Word About That Picture At The Top Of My Page


The photo that I use as my page banner is a cropped image of the one above and from my previous post. It was taken my first week here in Texas (January 3, 2013 if memory serves) in downtown Dallas. That particular morning I went by the place I came to work to see an old friend, tour the facility, and then head over to the JFK museum downtown. As often happens with me out and about in a new place I was snapping LOTS of pictures. Out of all the ones I snapped that morning this one is my favorite. And the final result of the picture didn’t hit me until that night when I looked through my days photos.

When taking the picture I didn’t really notice the guy with his back to me seemingly staring down oncoming traffic. The pose struck me as slightly aggressive, as if he was daring the oncoming cars to hit him and for the tall buildings of downtown Dallas to do their worse. “Here I stand” is how I personally like to think of this picture.

For me this seemed like the prefect picture to relaunch my site.

Moving To Texas



So, why did a guy from North Carolina up and decide to move to Texas? From the time I made the decision to the time I left was literally less than two weeks.

Partly it was a leap of faith in a former boss (THANK YOU again DY if you’re reading this!) being able to get me back on with a company I had left six months earlier. And partly it was to do that time old classic, “Start Over”. And that is pretty much what I’ve done the past few years. There really wasn’t anything holding me back in NC and I had always threatened to up and leave one day. One morning I packed up my car and I haven’t been back since.

Do I miss North Carolina? Sorta. There are a few people I really miss and I’m almost at a point where I’d shank someone for some Bojangles chicken or Eastern NC BBQ. I miss fall colors and that’s about it.

On the other hand Texas has provided me some really awesome opportunities career wise so that’s goes in the “Glad I Moved 1200 Miles Away” column. Plus I’ve gotten rather spoiled by all that’s available in such a large metropolitan area like the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I just spent a week in Killeen, Texas, for work and was so bored out of my skull I didn’t know what to do.

This, of course, is the Readers Digest version of why I moved to Texas at the end of December 2012. Like anything else involving me there’s more to the story and some of you know it. Let’s just leave it like this.

Moving was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

New Host

It only took me about a month to finally figure out a long-term host for the newly re-launched mikepas.org site and it’s GoDaddy.com.  My former host of several years just made things too difficult for me to work with as far as site design and after some consideration I decided I really wanted to give WordPress another go.  I had used WordPress back around 2004 for another site I ran for less than a year but now it’s gotten a lot easier to setup and manage.

Over the next week or two you’ll probably notice some theme changes and other such stuff happening here as I zero in on a final “look” for the site.  In the mean time I plan to start posting semi-regularly, at least once or twice a week or more, so stay tuned.


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